Ultimate Guide to the Campania Wine Region

Famous Wines of the Campania Wine Region

Whether you're a red or white wine drinker, choosing a wine can be overwhelming. There are so many things t­o consider, such as dryness, fruitiness and even woodiness, when you're looking at a rainbow of choices. And if you're standing in the liquor section of a grocery store, it's not likely that you can pop open a bottle and have a taste.

Campania's Taurasi is a notable red wine, but the region is probably best known for its whites, like Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. Keep in mind that if you choose a Taurasi, you must be patient -- they must be aged for a minimum of four years.

Consider trying some of these wines of the Campania region -- many offer flavors and aromas of the local fruits and flowers. The acronyms after each name signify regional ownership and approval.


  • Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso DOC
  • Baiardo Taurasi DOCG
  • Monsignore Aglianico IGT Campania
  • Montevetrano IGT Colli di Salerno
  • Terra di Lavoro IGT Roccamonfina


  • Fiano di Avellino DOCG
  • Greco di Tufo DOCG
  • Falanghina Sannio DOC
  • Sannio Falanghina DOC [sources: Hyland, Winebow]

If you're enamored with Campania and want to enjoy the region's wines in the countryside that produced them, put some of these popular wine estates on your travel list:

  • Mastroberardino
  • Antonio Caggiano
  • Feudi di San Gregorio
  • Montevetrano
  • Viticoltori De Conciliis
  • Villa Matilde
  • Mustilli [sources: Cellar Tours, Winebow]

If you make the trip to Campania, you'll get the chance to enjoy the region's wine, fruits, scrumptious local dishes, and history and culture. And be sure to make a toast -- A votre santé!

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