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Decorating Cookies

Piped Icing Cookies

Piping decorations on cooled, plain cookies is always a pretty way to make them more fun and festive.
  1. Prepare a simple Decorator Frosting. Beat 3/4 cup butter in medium bowl with electric mixer at medium speed until smooth. Add 2 cups powdered sugar. Beat at medium speed until light and fluffy. Add 3 tablespoons water and 1 to 11/4 teaspoon of any flavored extract you want (vanilla, lemon, peppermint, coconut, almond, etc.). Beat at low speed until well blended, scraping down side of bowl once. Beat in an additional 21/2 cups powdered sugar until mixture is creamy. Makes 2 cups of frosting.

  2. Divide and tint frosting with liquid or paste food coloring, in whatever colors you desire.

  3. Place color frostings one at a time in a piping bag fitted with small writing tip, or in resealable plastic freezer bags with one small corner cut off.

    Place the frostings in a piping bag.
    Place the frostings in a piping bag.

  4. Decorate as desired with dots, squiggles, flower shapes, writing, or whatever tickles your fancy. Let cookies stand at room temperature until piping is set.
Helpful Hints

These suggestions will come in handy during the decorating process.

  • To use a piping bag, insert the decorating tip into the piping bag; fold the top of the bag down. Use a spatula to place the frosting in the bag. In general, fill the bag half to two-thirds full, and then unfold the top of the bag. Do not fill the bag too full. (If you only need a small amount of frosting, use at least 1/4 cup to get enough frosting for piping.)

    Attach a decorating tip to the end of the piping bag.
    Attach a decorating tip to
    the end of the piping bag.

  • To prevent the frosting from squeezing out the top of the bag, twist or roll down the top of the bag tightly against the frosting. Position the tip close to the cookie. Gently squeeze to force the frosting out, using even pressure while guiding the tip. Push mainly with the palm of your hand, rather than squeezing with your fingers. Do not loosen your grip on the twisted end or the frosting will begin to push up and out of the top of the bag.
Marbelized icing offers a very unique look. Check out the next section for tips on this decorating technique.

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