Top 5 Chocolatiers from Around the World

Where's the world's best chocolate? See more pictures of chocolate.

Anybody can satiate a sudden chocolate craving by picking up a bar at the grocery store. But chocoholics take it a step further by planning a trip to one of the world's premiere chocolatiers.

Although the process of chocolate making (grinding and roasting cacao beans, mixing chocolate and sugar) might seem simple, it's actually pretty complicated, time consuming and expensive. In fact, most small companies can't even afford to make their own chocolate. The key to delectable chocolate is starting with the best ingredients -- namely, the best cacao on the planet. The world's best chocolatiers don't use preservatives found in cheaper mass-produced brands.

But, in the end, you don't buy chocolate because of where its cacao originates or the antioxidants it might contain. You buy it because it tastes good. And we at TLC Cooking think the following chocolatiers are at the top of their game.