Top 5 Chocolatiers from Around the World

A Boston man shovels the Teuscher Chocolate shop out of the snow.
A Boston man shovels the Teuscher Chocolate shop out of the snow.
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Founded in the Swiss Alps more than 70 years ago by Dolf Teuscher, Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland has always prided itself on the tradition of using only the finest natural ingredients to produce some the world's best chocolate. Teuscher Chocolate is made daily in Zurich and exported all around the world to places such as Canada, Europe, America and Asia.

Combining the old world charm of chocolatiering with modern innovations, Teuscher has been lauded for setting the standard for chocolate. In addition to using the highest grade cocoa and best cane sugars, Teuscher even gets some of its milk from 15 onsite cows [source: Teuscher]. You can't get much fresher than that!

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