Top 5 Reasons You Know You Should be a Pastry Chef

You're Always Invited to the Best Dinner Parties
Do you often provide the baked goods at parties?
Do you often provide the baked goods at parties?
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You get invited to a lot of parties. Of course, it might be your sparkling personality. Or your quick wit and good looks. But if every invitation ends with a hopeful "And could you bring dessert?" you might make a good pastry chef. Do you look at every dinner party as an opportunity to try out a new recipe, instead of bringing the same tired old brownies? Did you ever plan to go to the church social and wonder if a croquembouche with spun caramel might be a little too formal? If you've ever stayed up all night piping tiny little flowers onto dozens of chocolate-dipped petit fours for a potluck neighborhood dinner, perhaps the life of a pastry chef is the one for you.

So, tie on that apron, flour up your hands and get ready for greatness. And to find out more about baking and cooking, check out the links below.

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