Ultimate Guide to Chilean Wines

Pairing Your Chilean Wines
Many of Chile's red wines pair well with beef and other savory meats.
Many of Chile's red wines pair well with beef and other savory meats.
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Ready to give Chilean wine a try? Maximize your drinking experience by pairing your bottle with the right food to complement, or even heighten its flavor. White wines, such as a fresh and light bottle of sauvignon blanc, work best with salads, cheeses and almost any type of shellfish. The rich, oaky flavor of chardonnay brings out the best in salmon and other oily fish dishes and poultry, and the spicy, floral taste of riesling complements the savory nature of traditional Peruvian cuisine.

If reds are more up your alley, you'll find Chilean cabernet to be the most versatile of the country's wines. This intensely dark red wine pairs well with pizza and burgers. Syrah, which has hints of pepper, berries and plum, is commonly served with lamb and beef, as well as sausage and other pork dishes.

For a true taste of Chile, pick up a bottle of the country's signature carmenere. Rich in cherry and raspberry but tempered with a bit of spice, carmenere serves as the perfect complement to Chilean cuisine. Try it with red meat or corn dishes, including classic Chilean meat pies, Spanish paella and even your favorite chocolate.

Affordable, sustainable and versatile -- what's not to love about Chilean wine?

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