Ultimate Guide to Oregon Wine Country

By: Alia Hoyt

Oregon Wine Tours

Touring the vineyards of Oregon is a prime opportunity to not only sample top-tier wines, but also to enjoy the picturesque and diverse landscapes unique to the region. Beaches, mountain ranges, canyons and impossibly green prairies can all be found within the state's wine countries.

Visitors can choose between solo or guided tours, but many wine enthusiasts swear by the value of group excursions. The best tour leaders provide interesting facts and behind-the-scenes info that would otherwise be difficult to learn. You'll have multiple companies to choose from for guided group tours, but make plans (and reservations, if possible) in advance. Tours book up quickly during the peak season, and it always pays to do a bit of research before you hop on board.


Before choosing a tour, you should know:

  • What Kind of Vehicle You'll Be Traveling In: Tour rides range from limousines to older compacts, so choose carefully.
  • If Tasting Fees Are Covered: If the tour price excludes tasting fees, you'll pay an additional charge to sample each winery's wares, which can be quite pricy on outings with multiple stops. Unfortunately, pay-to-taste tours are becoming the norm.
  • The Length of the Tour: An experienced tour guide can take a group through multiple wineries over several hours, so make sure you know how long you'll be gone before departing and whether lunch will be provided.
  • What the Guide is Drinking: Which should be nothing alcoholic, since he'll be the one driving.

No matter which region you choose to visit, you're sure to enjoy your stay, especially if you plan your trip around some of the state's memorable wine festivals, which we'll cover on the next page.