Ultimate Guide to Virginia Wine Country

By: Heather Kolich

Virginia Wine Festivals

Virginia is proud of its wines. No matter what region you're visiting, you'll easily find one or more festivals celebrating local varietals.

Festivals flow with the seasons. As the vines awaken in spring, celebrations pop up all around -- at parks, conference and expo centers, hotels, historic sites, you name it. Wine tastings are combined with art, music, polo, wine education and, of course, food. Fall harvest festivals typically begin in September, and winter celebrations focus on special events to mark holidays from Thanksgiving to St. Patrick's Day.


Throughout the year, many wineries host their own unique celebrations of wine. These include summer cookouts, intimate dinners with fine wine pairings, cooking classes, winemaking demonstrations, barrel tastings, historical reenactments and open houses. Even more exciting, the celebration doesn't have to end with your visit. You can take your wine country adventure home in the form of your favorite Virginia wines.

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