Ultimate Guide to Wine Country Trains

By: Rebecca Fairley Raney

What to Bring on a Wine Country Train

Passengers aboard the Colorado Wine Train can enjoy a variety of wines with either lunch or dinner.
Passengers aboard the Colorado Wine Train can enjoy a variety of wines with either lunch or dinner.
Jeff Shane, Courtesy Royal Gorge Route

According to Guzman of the Napa Valley Wine Train, you don't really have to take much. "As long as you have a credit card and a heartbeat, you're good to go," she says.

But if you're the sort who likes to plan out the details, there are some great accessories for this novel activity. Here are a few.


Your mother: The Warren County Winery Train advertises special events for Mother's Day. Here's your chance to make good on that emotionally charged holiday for more than just the first hour of the day.

A notebook: If you book a trip that includes winemaking tips from a real vintner (like Richard Miami of the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa), you might want to jot a few things down. Winemaking is a little bit science and a lot of artistry. You might find something you like on the trip, and the winemakers can tell you exactly why you like it.

Your oldest jeans: The folks who maintain the steam engine in Warren County advise that there's just no way to keep the coal dust off the seats. Whatever you do, don't wear white pants. On the other hand, the dinner trains in Napa are black tie or better.

Baby wipes: You definitely want to take these along if you're taking children on board a moving vehicle that serves food. And if you're worried about your own ability to get a glass to your mouth, baby wipes can serve as a great frontline stain remover.

An engagement ring: Without question, this is the most common of the extraordinary props to bring on board the Napa Valley Wine Train. People have asked for rings to be attached to wine bottles, for flowers to be brought in, for a guitarist to play the song from "The Wedding Singer" and for dessert menus to be rewritten to include proposals.

Your wedding party: The romantic trains can be great sites for small weddings or renewals of vows. Many of the trains head for small, well-appointed inns as destinations, too.

For more information on wine country trains, check out the links below.

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