Ultimate Guide to the Hawke's Bay Wine Region

Hawke's Bay Wine Region Agriculture

If you like long, hot summer days, you'd have something in common with grape crops. And you'd also happen to love the climate of the Hawke's Bay wine region. The region's lengthy summers are perfect for red grapes that are slow to mature [source: Worldwide Wine Tours]. The climate is also rather arid and moderate, assisting the grapes in their leisurely ripening.

Though a fair amount of the land is plains, the Hawke's Bay wine region is also home to a variety of soils. Because of this, many different types of grapes can be planted leading to a wide variety of wines. Not only is Hawke's Bay the oldest wine producing region in New Zealand, but it is also the leading producer in terms of the number of different varieties [source: New Zealand Wine].

There are some hills in the region where sheep and other livestock are bred, but the majority of its landscape is flat. These rolling lands, coupled with long days of lots of sunshine, are not only popular with the grapes but also with the tourists. Bicycling around the Hawke's Bay wine region is common and there are even two cycling tours that let you visit vineyards and wineries within Hawke's Bay [source: New Zealand].

To learn about the quickly rising reds of the region, read on.