5 Superb Herbs


In Shakespeare's play Hamlet, the character Ophelia says, "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance."  With dishes like Leg of Lamb With Honey and a Rosemary Crust, you can rest assured Curtis hasn't forgotten about this favorable herb.  Read more to refresh your memory about rosemary and why it makes any dish delicious!

Origins and Folklore

Rosemary is a member of the mint family and typically grows naturally on the Mediterranean coast. It is also grown in other areas in France, Spain and Portugal.

Rosemary has just about as many tales and myths as it does useful purposes. To name a few, rosemary is a symbol of remembrance and friendship, and is still often carried by wedding couples as a sign of love and fidelity.

In the Middle Ages, rosemary was believed to protect against evil spirits and nightmares. Rosemary was burned, consumed or carried to avoid foul odors and witchcraft.

How to Grow

Rosemary is considered a perennial and grows well in warm climates. It is vulnerable to frost and can be grown as an annual in other parts of the country.

Plants can be grown indoors until they get big. Rosemary grows to an average of 5 feet tall. Move your plants outside during warmer months. They will look and grow well in your garden, along the house or in big containers.


Rosemary's flavor is best described as having a pine taste. It lends itself easily to meats, potatoes, and breads. It is a common ingredient in marinades and soups. Rosemary also makes a refreshing addition to a summer drink, like tea or lemonade.

Dried rosemary is available in several forms at most local grocery stores. When using fresh sprigs of rosemary, remove the leaves from the stem and chop them into smaller pieces before adding to your recipe.

Rosemary is used in other household products, including potpourris, disinfectants and shampoos. It has also been used as a moth repellent.

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