How to Make a Pie

A fabulous home-baked pie adds a perfect finishing touch to any meal. Fortunately, there are so many delicious varieties of pie, it's easy to find one to complement any menu and please any palate.

If you've ever hesitated to make your own pie crust from scratch, you owe it to yourself to try. Pie crust is really very simple to make. While it may take a few attempts for you to understand all the nuances of reaching the pinnacle of flaky pie crust perfection, just think of all the fun you'll have trying.

In this article, we'll talk about many of the different kinds of pie crusts. Whether you're going to make the classic pie crust, a crumb crust, a lattice crust, or a pasty crust, we'll teach you the basics on how to make the perfect crust for your pies every time. Let's start with tips on making a single crust pie on the next page.

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