How to Make a Pie

How to Make a Crumb Crust Pie

Crumb crusts use graham crackers or cookie crumbs to form the crust.
  1. Place cookies (or graham crackers) in resealable plastic bag. Squeeze out excess air; seal bag tightly. Roll over cookies with rolling pin until finely crushed.

    Roll over cookies or graham crackers with a rolling pin when making a crumb crust.
    Roll cookies with rolling pin
    until finely crushed.
  2. Combine crumbs and butter in medium bowl; press firmly onto bottom and up side of pie plate. Refrigerate until firm.

    Combine crumb and butter mix in pastry pan when making crumb crust pastries.
    Press crumbs and butter mix
    onto the pie plate.
  3. Fill crumb crust with desired filling.

    Fill crumb crust with desired filling when making crumb crust pastries.
    Fill crumb crust with desired filling,
    in this case strawberries.

A lattice crust makes a beautiful-looking pie. Find tips on the next page.

Instead of step one, place cookies (or graham crackers) in food processor or blender container; process using on/off pulses until finely crushed.

Place cookies in food processor as an alternate method for making crumb crust pie pastries

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