How to Make Cookies

In England they're called biscuits. The Spanish name is galletas. In Italy, their names are specific to the recipe, such as biscotti or amaretti. Though the names for them are unique, the love of cookies is universal.

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Which makes it all the more surprising that the invention of the cookie was just a happy accident. Early bakers used very small amounts of batter to test the oven temperature before baking a cake. These little test cakes were
called koekje, which means "little cake" in
Dutch. The crispy little circles were so tasty,
the bakers started making them on purpose and the cookie was born.

The seemingly endless variety of cookies can
be divided into a few basic types: bar, drop, refrigerator, and rolled.
Cookie types are determined by the consistency of the dough and how it is formed into cookies. The texture of the finished cookies within any type can range from crisp to soft and chewy. All of the cookies have at least one element in common: the ability to tantalize your tastebuds.

In this article, we'll teach you how to make the little cakes that you're sure to love. We'll start with bar cookies on the next page.

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