Top 10 Most Extraordinary Baking Sensations

World's Largest Wedding Cake

The bad news: You know you've got too many relatives if your wedding cake needs to serve 59,000 guests. The good news: It can be done.

Executive Pastry Chef Lynn Mansel and a team of 57 pastry artisans created the World's Largest Wedding Cake for the February 2008 New England Bridal Showcase. They constructed the colossal cake by assembling 700 sheet cakes into seven tiers. Despite their delicate, lacy façade, every tier was so heavy that it rested on a steel disc. A forklift raised each tier to its heavy-duty metal pipe support, and placement of the bride and groom figurines on the top tier required the use of a bucket truck.

The finished size: 17 feet high, 15,032 pounds. That includes 10,000 pounds of batter and 4,810 pounds of frosting, plus trimmings.

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