Top 10 Most Extraordinary Baking Sensations

Birthday Cake, Vegas Style

Las Vegas celebrated its 100th anniversary in May 2005 with the world's largest birthday cake. But what happened in Vegas actually started out at a Sara Lee bakery in North Carolina.

Before the party could start, 30,000 half-sheet cakes and 40,000 pounds of frosting traveled across the U.S. in eight semitrucks. It took 1,000 volunteers 14 hours to unload, assemble and frost the convention center-sized cake.

When it was finally ready to be cut, the Las Vegas centennial birthday cake stood 20 inches tall and was the size of an NBA basketball court -- plus an extra 8 feet in length. It weighed a staggering 130,000 pounds, or about the same as two tanks used during World War II.

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