Top 10 Most Extraordinary Baking Sensations


Kolache Heaven

Not all extraordinary baking sensations are sweet. Kolaches are a Czech pastry baked around fruit for breakfast, or savory fillings for lunch or dinner, and the result is kind of like a calzone. Kolaches are big in Texas. And in one town, they're large, too.

In October 2010, six bakers from Kolache Haven in Denton, Texas, devoted 100 hours to creating the world's biggest kolache. This one enclosed 83 pounds of hickory-smoked sausage blended with cheese. It took all six bakers to carry the monster kolache to its presentation at the Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home Fall Festival. Before they carved it up and parceled it out to hungry festival-goers, it measured 20 feet, 1 inch long, and weighed 113 pounds.