Ultimate Guide to the Rias Baixas Wine Region

Rias Baixas Wine Region Agriculture

Just like Rias Baixas isn't your typical Spanish winemaker, this wine region doesn't have your typical Spanish agriculture, either. Rias Baixas, situated along the Atlantic coast and bordering Portugal, has a number of mountains contrasting its sandy beaches. The Rias Baixas wine region also has a number of low estuaries (or rias) that give it its name, which means "low estuaries" [source: Into Wine].

Weather in the Rias Baixas wine region is rather warm, due to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the summers are pretty dry, but conversely, the winters are quite wet. The Rias Baixas wine region is very green, and sometimes covered in mist as a result of the neighboring ocean, calling to mind a landscape that seems to be much more in tune with Ireland than Spain [source: Rias Baixas]. Maybe that's why the Celts chose to settle the region.

The rainy winters of Rias Baixas could do significant damage to the region's grape harvest, but growers there have found a solution. Most of the vines planted in the Rias Baixas wine region are trained high, keeping the grapes' roots from sitting in the water underground [source: Into Wine]. This tactic keeps the roots from becoming soaked, which would allow the vines to rot.

If this place of mixed cultures, attributes and landscapes has you intrigued, read on to discover what kind of famous wines the Rias Baixas region boasts.