Ultimate Guide to the Rias Baixas Wine Region

Famous Wines of the Rias Baixas Wine Region

With its mix of Spanish, Portuguese and Irish influences­, Rias Baixas is anything but typical among Spain's wine regions. Hence, Rias Baixas' wine is not typically Spanish. Furthermore, the majority of its production is white wine, not red wine.­ Among the white varieties of grapes th­at are grown in Rias Baixas, the most well known is the Albarino. Other DO white varieties include Caiño Blanco, Louriera Blanca, and Treixadura. DO red varieties of Rias Baixas include Caiño Tinto, Espadeiro, Louriera Tinta and Souson. Additional grape crops include Brancellao (red), Godello (white), Mencia (red) and Torrontes (white) [source: DO Rias Baixas].

Though a dozen different varieties of grapes are planted in the Rias Baixas wine region, Albarino is the most planted variety. This grape completely dominates the landscape, without a doubt, as it constitutes 90 percent of all the grapes planted in Rias Baixas [source: Rias Baixas]. All those other grapes put together only make up 10 percent of the region's harvest.

Wines that use 100 percent of the floral-scented Albarino grapes can be costly. Such wines are considered some of the best, not just in the Rias Baixas region but in all of Spain [source: In Spain]. Other wines of the region include Rias Baixas Condado de Tea, Rias Baixas Ribeira do Ulla, Rias Baixas Rosal and Rias Baixas Val do Salnes [source: DO Rias Baixas].

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