Ultimate Guide to the Sardinia Wine Region

Sardinia Wine Region Agriculture

The island of Sardinia consists of very hilly­ land, with the incl­usion of some mountains and plains. The Sardinia wine regi­on contains a fair share of limestone running along the island, as well ­as various volcanic deposits. The ­ ­ Mediterranean climate leads to hot, dry summers with rainy winters.

Sardinia is not a particularly wealthy or populated region. And while recent developments in Sardinia's wine history may lead to some great wines in the coming years, the region was had been attempting to get away from agriculture. In the past, more than half the population subsisted on the agriculture of the region, cultivating corn, vine, olives, fruits and vegetables. In an attempt to create a better balance of economics, the region branched out into small industries and tourism. As a result, the amount of people making their living from agriculture has significantly decreased to less than a fifth of the workforce. But time will tell if the vine history developments will push a swing back into agriculture for the Sardinia region.

Though its wines have never been thought of as the cream of the crop, Sardinia is slowly trying to come into its own with its historic vines. Read on to find out the famous wines of the Sardinia wine region.