Ultimate Guide to South Australian Wine Regions

Famous Wines of South Australia

­South Australia's diverse wine regions make it home to a number of wines worth talking about. Australian wineries with cellars are referred to as "cellar doors," and South Australia has some of wor­ldwide acclaim.

Barossa is considered to be not only the most famous wine region in Australia, but also the most important. Many claim that it put Australia on the map in terms of viticulture. The ­wine most commonly associated with the region is Shiraz, in large part because of Penfolds Grange, which is perhaps Australia's most well-known wine [source: Penfolds]. It has brought Penfolds winery and the Australian wine industry global recognition. Jacob's Creek is another winery from Barossa that produces a slew of award-winning wines, the most recognizable of which are the Classic Shiraz and the Shiraz Rose [source: Jacob's Creek].

Outside of Barossa are number of other wines worth checking out. Riesling is a wine often associated with Australia, and some of the best come from South Australia's Clare Valley and Eden Valley regions. The latter produces two that are very well known, one from Jeffery Gosset and the other from Petaluma [source: Corrigan]. If you're looking for a good Cabernet Sauvignon, you'll find some in the region of Mount Benson, but the best are said to come from Coonawarra [source: Wine Australia].

There are also a few specialty wines of South Australia that aren't as well known outside of the country. One of them is the Verdelho of Langhorne Creek, and although Australia isn't known for its Chardonnay, it has done very well coming out of Padthaway [source: Wine Australia].

The diverse range of grapes grown in South Australia means the region can offer a wine to suit every palette. For more information, visit the links on the following page.

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