Ultimate Guide to Victorian Wine Regions

Australia'­s Victoria is home to many popular wine regions. See more wine pictures
iStockphoto/Chris Putnam

­­­Australia was colonized ­ and settled in a similar way to the United States, though not quite as early as the U.S. A big difference you might notice between the settl­ement history of America and Australia is the quick proliferation of wine and vineyards in Australia, which didn't happen so much in the U.S. As you look into the wine history of Australia, you'll see a that Victoria was a hot spot in the past and is again home to many popular wine regions today.

Victoria is a state in Australia located in the southeastern tip, near Melbourne. Victoria includes both coastline and some inland areas, though it is one of Australia's smaller states in terms of land area. Don't underestimate Victoria's power to produce quality wines due to its size, though. Victoria boasts 21 wine regions, all stepping up to the plate with memorable wines.

­The regions that comprise Victoria make it a very productive area. You could say that Victoria has successfully diversified its assets and knows what it can produce and where. It prides itself on its wine culture, making sure to highlight its prize-winning crops with fes­tivals and tours of the Great Grape Road. One cannot deny that Victoria's history, its agriculture and its special wines combine to make this region a unique wine center [source: Visit Victoria]. This article will shed light on the regions' history, agriculture and the specific wines that come from the land down under.

Read on to discover the interesting historical and cultural points of the Victorian wine region.