Ultimate Guide to Victorian Wine Regions

Famous Wines of Victoria

Victoria boasts 21 wine regions:

  • Alpine Valley
  • Beechworth
  • Bendigo
  • Geelong
  • Gippsland
  • Glenrowan
  • Goulburn Valley
  • Grampians
  • Heathcote
  • Henty
  • King Valley
  • Macedon Ranges
  • Mildura Murray Darling
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Pyrenees
  • Rutherglen
  • Srathbogies
  • Sunbury
  • Swan Hill
  • Upper Goulburn
  • Yarra Valley [source: Wines of Victoria].

Victoria is not a region hurting for­ good wine, nor is it a region hurting for more wineries. Victoria has more than 850 wineries, and of those, at least 650 are open to the public. Thanks to the varied growing conditions and­ the vast number of wineries, Victoria is able to produce a wide variety of high quality wines [source: Visit Victoria].

The Macedon Ranges region is different than some other regions in the fact that it can count on regular snowfalls during winter. This helps make the area perfect for sparkling wines that can compete on the same level as France's sparkling varieties. The Mornington Peninsula region is best known for its Pinot Noir. Not only is this region's Pinot Noir the best in Victoria, it's also one of the best from all of Australia. Another area producing notable Pinot Noir is the Gippsland region.

Pyrenees is a region that is famous for its flavorful and spicy reds. Most of all, Pyrenees is a producer of high quality Cabernet. Grampians is also a region that produces wines with spicy undertones. This area is best known for Shiraz. Two other areas known for their Shiraz are the Bendigo and Heathcote regions. And the Beechworth region does well with Chardonnay [source: Wines of Victoria].

The Mildura Murray Darling region is known for its alternative wine varieties. The Goulburn region is famous for its production of Rhone varietals, which is a subset of French wines. And King Valley reaches across the globe, too, and does well producing high quality Italian varietals.

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