What's the next cupcake?

Is the lollipop the next cupcake? See more candy pictures.
Jeffrey Hamilton/Photodisc/Thinkstock

When "Sex and the City" character Carrie Bradshaw bit into a fluffy pink cupcake in front of New York City's famed Magnolia Bakery, a pop culture phenomenon was born. Suddenly the treat that graced kids' birthday parties was gracing everything from office luncheons to wedding receptions. Today, thousands of cupcake shops litter the Unites States -- from large chains like Crumbs Bakeshop and Sprinkles Cupcakes to local startups. The treats come in every possible make and model: mini, vegan, gluten-free, alcoholic, sweet, savory. Some of today's cupcakes are even made of ice cream!

But fads flare up, then flame out, and most foodies agree that the cupcake is already on its way out of fashion … which raises the question: Which delightful treat will take its place? Is your mouth watering? Then click ahead, Sweet Tooth.