What's the next cupcake?

Whoopie Pies

The whoopie pie is so popular that three states lay claim to its invention. Pennsylvania, Maine and Massachusetts all take credit for creating the whoopie pie. Nobody really knows the true origin, but we're sure glad they exist!

A whoopie pie consists of two soft chocolate cakes, rounded like hamburger buns, with a creamy filling in between. Traditionally, the melt-in-your-mouth filling is made of shortening and sugar. But today's whoopie pies come in a variety of flavor combinations. At the annual Whoopie Pie Festival in Pennsylvania, you can sample whoopie pies like these:

  • Chocolate cake with strawberry filling
  • Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling
  • Peanut butter cake with chocolate filling
  • Apple cake with apple and caramel filling
  • Peanut butter cake with marshmallow filling

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, which makes the whoopie pie a very attractive prospect for bakers and eaters alike.

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