Your Ultimate Get-slim Grocery Shopping Tips

By: Emilie Sennebogen

Sticking to a pre-made list will keep you from slipping up at the store. See pictures of diet fads.

Eating at home is the best way to eat healthy for a fit lifestyle. Restaurants are too full of fatty temptations and if you're looking to get slim, you may be challenged in the willpower department. This means that going to the grocery store and shopping for your own healthy groceries is your best bet, because you'll have more control over what foods you eat and how they're prepared. You can do the research beforehand, looking for healthful ways to prepare foods you love. The recipe is pretty simple -- choose a well-balanced diet of fresh foods that are low in saturated fats and empty calories. There's no need for any kind of fad or restrictive diet. If you eat the right foods and make time for exercise, you'll lose weight. The key is to make sure more calories are being burned than consumed. Here are some grocery shopping tips to get you started.


If you're not a vegetarian, then eating meat is most likely a part of many of your dinners. Choosing the right meats is essential in your attempt to drop pounds. Try substituting lean ground turkey breast in place of recipes that call for beef. Lasagna and pasta sauce are both great with turkey, and a well-seasoned turkey burger can rival most hamburgers. Be aware, though, that non-white meat ground turkey has about the same nutritional value as lean ground beef. Also think about how you fix your burger. Cheese and mayonnaise can add fat grams and calories, so consider skipping the dairy condiments and garnishing with lettuce, tomato and mustard. Fish is also a must on your get-slim grocery list. Aside from being generally low in calories compared to other proteins, fish is a heart-healthy food. Make sure you aren't eating too much mercury-rich fish, like tuna, shark and swordfish. While leaner fish like cod, sole and flounder are less fattening, the omega-3 fats in mackerel and herring are actually excellent at keeping your blood cholesterol down [source: Burros]. Shellfish is also typically low in fat and is a great addition to your get-slim list. A diet with lean meats and whole grains, complemented with plenty of fruits and vegetables, will get you on the right track toward slimming down.



Snacking is a way of life for most people. When the stomach starts growling between meals, sometimes a little nosh is exactly what your body needs. Snacking isn't a bad thing -- it can help restore vital energy, and as long as you choose the right foods, you can be healthy in the process. Nuts and seeds are a great way to give your body the kinds of fat and calories it needs. Almonds especially are great for your heart and supply you with monounsaturated fats -- the same kind you'll find in olive oil that lowers your risk of heart disease [source: whfoods]. Not only that, but both nuts and seeds are loaded with protein, so they'll satisfy your hunger better and for a longer period of time. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are also snacks that will help you get slim. Look for whole-grain pretzels and crackers, along with fruit, which contains no fat, is low in calories and will help you to feel full.



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