How do you thicken homemade tomato sauce?

Look to Your Pantry

  • Add oil - A little olive oil and a hit with an immersion style blender will help emulsify the sauce (incorporate the oil and other ingredients), thickening it naturally. The addition of some oil will help create a smoother texture, too.
  • Add other vegetables - No one ever said that tomato sauce could only contain one vegetable. Blending in some ground carrots or caramelized onion will turn your one-note sauce into a symphony of flavor and thicken it in the process.
  • Pour on the paste - It may seem like a bit of a cheat, but adding some prepared tomato paste to your thin homemade sauce may be the easiest way to give it a thicker consistency. Don't worry; the sauce will still definitely retain its garden-fresh appeal. Just think of adding tomato paste as including a little more of a good thing.

Once your homemade, garden fresh tomato sauce is cooked to perfection, try using it in these family friendly recipes. We like these classics because they're simple enough to serve every week but have a special comfort food appeal that makes them great candidates for Sunday dinner or a weekend brunch:

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