How to Make Homemade Ice Cream: Your Teeth Will Thank You Later

Low-Sugar Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Before you start making your own ice cream, look at the ingredients. Typically, low- and no-sugar ice cream recipes swap out the sugar for an artificial sweetener, such as Equal, Sweet'N Low or Splenda, which have virtually no calories and won't contribute to tooth decay. Other recipes call for honey or other swaps like agave nectar, both of which are natural sweeteners that proponents claim are lower in calories, tastier and healthier than sugar. But those natural sweeteners still contribute to cavity formation, so it may be best to stick with the artificial ones -- which don't cause cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute, as people once feared.

Don't be intimidated by the thought of making your own healthier ice cream. It's generally quite easy. Of course there are complicated recipes out there if that's more to your liking, but check out this simple one that's fun for kids to help make. A quick note about this recipe: To make it low-sugar, be sure to substitute the sugar for an artificial sweetener. Use whichever brand you prefer, in the roughly same amount of sugar that's called for in the recipe (add a bit more or less to suit your taste). You'll have cool, creamy, deliciousness in a jiffy.

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