Makes 36 to 40 servings


2 (10-inch) Bundt cakes
Buttercream Frosting
Orange, green and brown paste food colorings
Base Frosting (recipe follows, optional)
Candy corn
2 (10-inch) round cake boards, stacked and covered, or large plate
1 (6-ounce) paper cup or ice cream wafer cone
Pastry bag and medium writing tip


  1. Prepare 2 recipes Buttercream Frosting. Tint 4-1/2 cups frosting orange, 1/2 cup dark green and 1/4 cup dark brown. To tint frosting, add small amount of desired paste coloring with toothpick; stir well. Slowly add more coloring until frosting is desired shade.
  2. Trim flat sides of cakes. Place one cake on prepared cake board, flat-side up. Frost top of cake with some of the orange frosting. Place second cake, flat-side down, over frosting.
  3. Frost entire cake with Base Frosting to seal in crumbs. Frost again with orange frosting.
  4. Hold cup over fingers of one hand. Using other hand, frost cup with green frosting. Place upside-down in center of cake to form stem. Touch up frosting, if necessary.
  5. Using writing tip and brown frosting, pipe eyes and mouth. Arrange candy corn for teeth as shown in photo. Before serving, remove stem. Slice and serve top cake first, then bottom.


A fall birthday is the perfect opportunity for a party with a Halloween theme. Create scary decorations like spiderwebs and bats hanging from the ceiling and perhaps a coffin or graveyard scene. Turn down the lights and play a tape of scary sounds to add to the spooky atmosphere. Costumes are, of course, required but you may want to make masks as part of the party. Provide a plain mask for each child and supply plenty of paints, markers, construction paper, crepe paper, fabric, yarn and glitter. Stickers are also an easy way to decorate. Awards can be given for the scariest, prettiest or most creative–just be sure every child wins something.

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