Lemon Chicken and Vegetables

Lemon Chicken and Vegetables

Lemon Chicken and Vegetables

The grilled chicken and vegetables are an added flavor bonus to this delicious dish exploding with the characteristic flavors of fresh green bell peppers, red bell peppers and yellow squash. If you do not have access to a grill, broil the chicken and roast the vegetables in the oven for similar flavor results.

Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes


Makes 8 servings


8 ounces uncooked spaghetti
1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 large green bell pepper, cut in half
1 large red bell pepper, cut in half
1 medium yellow summer squash, cut in half lengthwise
1/2 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
1/3 cup dry white wine
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 teaspoons finely grated lemon peel
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper


  1. Cook pasta according to package directions, omitting salt. Drain; set aside.
  2. Spray grid with nonstick cooking spray. Prepare coals for grilling. Place chicken, peppers and squash on grill 5 to 6 inches from medium-hot coals. Grill 10 to 12 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink in center and vegetables are soft to the touch. Remove from grill. Cool slightly; cut into 1/2-inch pieces.
  3. Combine parsley, wine, lemon juice, oil, garlic, lemon peel, salt and pepper in medium bowl. Toss cooked chicken and vegetables with 1/3 cup sauce. Toss pasta with remaining sauce. Place chicken and vegetables over pasta; serve.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 cup
Calories 255
Calories from Fat 20 %
Total Fat 6 g
Saturated Fat 1 g
Cholesterol 34 mg
Carbohydrate 31 g
Fiber 1 g
Protein 18 g
Sodium 101 mg

Dietary Exchange

Starch 1-1/2
Vegetable 1-1/2
Meat 2

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