10 Allergenic Foods to Avoid

This soybean looks harmless enough. See more pictures of vegetables.
Ryan McVay/Getty Images

It's a parent's worst nightmare. You're sitting down to dinner when, all of a sudden, your 9-month-old starts having difficulty breathing and begins swelling up around the mouth. Your child just consumed soy and is experiencing anaphylactic shock, an allergic reaction. What most people can eat freely might be fatal to someone with an allergy to that food.

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system mistakes a perfectly harmless substance for a dangerous one. In response, the system launches a full-scale attack, all the while wreaking havoc on your body. If you're raising a child or even just like giving dinner parties, you should be familiar with some of the most prominent allergenic foods. Catering to someone's special dietary needs could save his or her life.