10 Alternatives to Expensive Ingredients


Expensive Fish

Eating seafood regularly is good for you, but it's not so good for some species of fish. Increased seafood consumption has led to the overfishing of many species. If you can even find some of these fish at the grocery store or farmer's market, you'll probably be asked to pay out the nose for them.

Luckily, substituting one kind of fish for another is fairly easy, as many species have similar flavors. This also means, of course, that you can use less expensive fish in place of pricy, hard-to-find species. Try pole-caught yellowfin tuna instead of the overfished Atlantic bluefin tuna. Alaskan sablefish is a more reasonably priced option than Chilean sea bass. Pacific cod has the same flaky, dense flesh as Atlantic cod and is another simple swap you can make without sacrificing flavor.

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