10 Best Snacks for Kids



Sans oil, butter and salt, popcorn is a healthy snack.
Sans oil, butter and salt, popcorn is a healthy snack.
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OK, so we're not suggesting you buy your kids a huge tub of popcorn at the movies. But when it's not drenched in butter and salt, popcorn is actually a very healthy snack for kids -- it's packed with whole grains and fiber. Studies have shown that these grains may lower your chances of developing diabetes and heart disease [source: Health].

The problem is, kids usually aren't as excited to eat plain popcorn. So to make the healthy version more appetizing, some people like to sprinkle cinnamon on top. Another popular alternative is garlic, in crushed or powder form. Although it won't do any favors for your breath, garlic supposedly helps lower cholesterol. However, this claim (along with various other reported health benefits of garlic) is still up for debate [source: Renoux].

HINT: If all else fails, you can also just add plain popcorn to your trail mix.

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