10 Best Snacks for Kids



Cheese and crackers -- a classic your kid will love.
Cheese and crackers -- a classic your kid will love.
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A good source of calcium, cheese is also versatile and goes with plenty of things kids love. String cheese is a popular favorite, as are grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cheese and crackers is also a filling snack. But avoid the store-bought cheese and cracker packages. It should be no surprise that these aren't made with real cheese, but with what's called cheese food. The crackers are baked with refined white flours, which aren't too healthy either. Instead, nutrition experts recommend making cheese and cracker snacks at home with real cheese and whole-wheat crackers [source: Bohn].

HINT: For the healthy version of grilled cheese sandwiches, coat your pan or sandwich press with nonstick cooking spray instead of butter and use whole-wheat bread in lieu of white.