10 Budget-friendly Cocktail Hors d'Oeuvres


Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa are always yummy, and when you dress up this Tex-Mex combination, it's even more fun and tasty. Get swanky with lime and sea-salt seasoned Corn Tortilla Chips -- a rather frugal recipe that calls for day-old tortillas -- served with peach, mango or black bean-corn salsa. For a thicker, more whimsical dip, opt for Cowboy Caviar. If you want your guests to save their calories for your raspberry margaritas, you can whip up a guilt-free version of chips and salsa using jicama chips in place of fried tortillas. Garnish your salsa with fresh cilantro, green onion and black olives.

This appetizer provides the perfect way to fuse opposites like hot and cold temperatures and sweet and spicy flavors, tantalizing your guests' senses. To save even more money, purchase off-brand tortilla chips and pick up a big jar of salsa instead of making your own with fresh ingredients.