10 Frugal School Lunch Ideas


Kids will love this twist on an ordinary sandwich, and it's a great way to use up last night's leftover meat and veggies. Alternate bite-sized pieces of meat with veggies and squares of bread on skewers. Your kids will have fun eating the pieces individually or in combination, and it's infinitely more interesting than just piling everything on a sandwich. Just make sure to include a sauce for dipping!

Some great lunchtime kebab flavor combinations include chicken with apple slices, grapes and bread, along with yogurt sauce for dipping; ham, pineapple and Colby Jack cheese; and turkey, cherry tomatoes and bacon with ranch dressing. Because kebab skewers have pointed ends, this meal is best suited for older kids. For safety, you can use scissors to cut off the pointy ends of the wooden skewers before assembling.