10 Healthiest School Lunch Plans

School lunch corn dogs are going the way of the dinosaur. See what you should be packing in these lunch box pictures.
Tim Jones/Getty Images

With childhood obesity and diabetes on the rise, it's clear our kids need healthier eating habits. Establishing these behaviors early in life can lead to healthier eating as an adult. And what better place to start learning good habits than in school?

Experts find that many school lunches are too high in cholesterol and saturated fat, and too low in dietary fiber, whole grains and vegetables. However, the days of soggy tater tots and rubbery hot dogs may be numbered. Schools nationwide are working to make more nutritious lunches available to all students. From vegetarian options to using local produce, school lunches are transforming.

Following -- in no particular order -- are our picks for 10 of the healthiest school lunch plans in the country.