10 Healthiest School Lunch Plans


Ross School, New York

Organic ingredients are key at Ross.
Organic ingredients are key at Ross.
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The Ross School, a private school located in the Hamptons, New York, works with a dietician to make sure its students have healthy choices. Students in every grade take nutrition classes, as well as learn about food history. Students eat from plates andĀ useĀ metal (not plastic) flatware, bus their own tables and sort their own recycling.

The menu revolves around seasonal, local and organic ingredients. The school also serves breakfast. Sample menu items include steel cut oats, carrot and ginger soup, yogurt marinated chicken, cheese grits, kimchi and grilled fish. Vegetarian dishes are available each day, as well as fresh gourmet salads.

Students even work with local farmers, learning how to plant seeds, harvest and compost. Most importantly, knowing how to cook is a requirement for graduation.

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