10 Healthiest School Lunch Plans


Betty Shabazz International Charter School, Illinois

Winner of the 2007 Golden Carrot Award for exceptional school lunch programs, the Betty Shabazz International Charter School in Chicago offers an entirely vegetarian menu. To provide necessary nutrients like iron and protein, school chefs create meals using tofu, beans, nuts and fortified cereals.

Students can choose from meatless, low-fat meals like veggie burgers and dogs, burritos, veggie gumbo with tofu, jerk or curry tofu, beans and rice, collard greens and corn bread. Fresh fruit and garden salads round out the meal.

In addition to the entire vegetarian menu, the school also offers students a daily vegan meal. The cafeteria provides soy and rice milk, as well as juice. The school's science and health curriculum discusses the benefits of a vegetarian diet.