10 Healthiest School Lunch Plans


Pinellas County Schools, Florida

The Pinellas County Schools in Florida offer their students a plethora of good, healthy choices for lunch. Menus include a variety of foods -- low-fat vegetarian entrees, an egg- and dairy-free salad and veggie burgers -- to keep students interested.

Fresh fruit, side salads and vegetable side dishes are on the menu every day. In lieu of milk, students may choose fruit juice. Also available are bottled water and soymilk.

Two full-time nutrition specialists assist in running an extensive nutrition education program. Students learn the benefits of fresh fruits, veggies, leafy greens, beans and nuts through activities and farmers market displays. The elementary school kids also benefit from a program that teaches them how to choose more healthy snacks. Some districts even bring in celebrity chefs to work alongside the students to create recipes.