10 Healthy Halloween Treats



Shelled peanuts are fun and tasty treats.
Shelled peanuts are fun and tasty treats.
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Plain and simple, roasted peanuts aren't just for enjoying at the circus or a baseball game. What makes bags of them a neat Halloween treat is that they're lightweight and don't need to be refrigerated. Although the single-serving portions supply nearly all the fat one adult needs in a day, these nuts are heavy in omega-3 fatty acids -- the ones doctors and nutritionists recommend for a child's brain development. They keep the brain functioning properly, which makes them an essential part of a healthy diet for kids and adults. Raw and whole foods aficionados rave about these relatively unprocessed treats -- they're a great snack with little or no additives or preservatives. Be mindful that some trick-or-treaters are allergic to peanuts, so you may want to have another treat on hand for them.