10 Healthy Halloween Treats



Don't get it twisted: Pretzels please any palate.
Don't get it twisted: Pretzels please any palate.
Jill Fromer/Getty Images

Pretzels are a year-round favorite for many snackers. New varieties and flavors of twists, sticks and nuggets grace the display shelves of grocery stores, convenience stores, sandwich shops and vending machines everywhere.

But how could something from the snack food aisle be nutritious? A 1-ounce serving of whole-wheat mini pretzels supplies you with 37 percent of the recommended daily allowance of manganese. This little bag of goodies serves up nearly 10 percent of the minerals niacin and thiamin as well as 6 percent of the protein an adult needs in a day. As with some of the other healthy Halloween treats we've learned about here, pretzels contain plenty omega-3 fatty acids. The cinnamon-sugar soft pretzels you find in the food court aren't as healthy, but those are too messy for trick-or-treating bags, anyway.