10 Low-budget Uses for Corn


Corn Casserole

Nothing tastes likes a cheesy, piping-hot corn casserole!
Nothing tastes likes a cheesy, piping-hot corn casserole!
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If you're tired of the standard green bean or squash casseroles, it's time to venture into the exciting world of corn bakes. Depending which recipe you choose, corn casserole is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. Most standard recipes call for frozen or fresh corn, eggs, milk and sugar. More elaborate options include chopped vegetables like zucchini and red bell peppers to add a little extra oomph. Chicken and cheese can also be incorporated for a richer and more filling meal, though vegetarian versions are proven crowd-pleasers, as well.

Regardless if you want a cheap desert, a low-budget side dish or an inexpensive main course, corn's got you covered. Corn is as tasty to eat as it is versatile, so regardless if you're struggling to make ends meet or your savings account is stocked with extra zeros, this is one cheap food that deserves a place at your table.

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