10 Quick-fix Holiday Brunches


Nuts and Berries

A hot veggie quesadilla will win guests over.
A hot veggie quesadilla will win guests over.

Your holiday brunch will be a lot less merry if you're serving thick slices of Canadian bacon to a table of vegetarians. Consider your guests' dietary needs when planning your menu. This fresh nuts and berries theme will appeal to anyone with a meatless diet and those guests getting a jump start on New Year's resolutions to watch their waistlines. Best of all, it takes minutes to prepare.

Suggested Menu:

Entree: Grilled veggie quesadillas and whole-wheat waffles topped with walnuts, whipped cream and syrup

Side dishes: Silken tofu and fruit parfait, and baked brie with honey and pecans, served with sliced apples and multigrain crackers

Beverages: Pomegranate juice, herbal tea and Viennese coffee

Holiday accent: Add fresh ginger and lime to ginger ale for a bubbly, nonalcoholic beverage, or serve up mojitos with fresh mint and lime.

Recipes to try:

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