10 Quick-fix Holiday Brunches


Fiesta Brunch

Put a fun spin on holiday brunch by making it a fiesta. You can create a memorable ambiance around Mexican food. Use a colorful falsa blanket as a tablecloth, and hang a sombrero on the back of each chair. Tuck maracas under each guest's napkin; they might be inclined to play after a round of margaritas. The most festive part of this fiesta theme is that you can whip up these menu items rather quickly, making this a winner in the realm of quick-fix holiday brunches.

Suggested Menu:

Entree: Breakfast burritos, quesadillas or omelettes

Side dishes: Potato-zucchini pancakes with warm corn salsa or fruit salad with cottage cheese and a dash of cayenne pepper

Beverages: Mexican hot cocoa with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, margaritas or cranberry-lime margarita punch

Holiday accent: Make Mexican shrimp cocktail with jumbo shrimp and garnish with fresh lime and cilantro.

Recipes to try: