10 Quick-fix Holiday Brunches

Catch of the Day

Fishermen take the legwork out of harvesting scrumptious seafood like salmon, crab and tuna, so all you have to do is make your selection at your local grocery store and bring it home. Seafood cooks quickly, making it a perfect choice for when you need to put together brunch in minutes. Be sure to check with your guests beforehand to see if anyone has food allergies; this way, you'll know which dishes to avoid. For example, if a guest is allergic to shellfish, in place of shrimp, you can substitute imitation crab meat, which is made of pollack, a fin fish.

Suggested Menu:

Entree: Seafood Crepes, crab cakes Benedict or salmon croquettes

Side dishes: Hash browns, shrimp cocktail, toast or English muffins

Beverages: Apple cider, tomato or vegetable juice and a Bloody Mary bar with all the fixings

Holiday accent: Serve champagne or sparkling white wine with a dash of cranberry juice, or drop a few fresh cranberries in each glass for a pop of color.

Recipes to try:

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