10 Restaurants to Try Before You Die

Le Jules Verne

Located 406.8 feet (125 meters) up in the air on top of the Eiffel Tower is Alain Ducasse's Parisian restaurant Le Jules Verne. The eatery-on-high serves traditional French food with the signature style of Ducasse, who holds 15 prestigious Michelin stars across his various restaurants.

Given its location, this is an upscale dining experience that costs upward of $200. Here's one interesting fact about Le Jules Verne: Because of its location at the top of the Eiffel Tower, everything -- including all kitchen equipment -- needed to be carefully weighed so that the balance of the structure wasn't upset by any added pounds. Ducasse wound up building a second kitchen under the tower, where most of the food is prepped and then whisked up to the top in a temperature-controlled lift, where it's then cooked to order.

Sample Menu Items

  • Pumpkin velouté with black truffle, with fresh chestnut
  • Roasted imperial prawns, sautéed green vegetables, light broth of bacon
  • Sautéed veal sweetbread, celeriac/potato/walnut

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