10 Restaurants to Try Before You Die

Momofuku Ko

Momofuko translates to "lucky peach" in English, and you'll be a lucky peach indeed to get table at this New York eatery helmed by David Chang. The restaurant has just 12 seats, and the only way to get a reservation is to go online and submit a request at exactly 10 a.m. six days before you want to eat there. Usually all 12 seats are taken in just a few seconds. You can try every day, if you like, and you just might score a seat.

The food at Momofuko Ko is Japanese/American nouveau. A 10-course meal is about $125, which is a good deal by New York standards. There are no waiters, there's no decor on the plain walls, and there's no printed menu. Diners sit at a bar, Japanese-style.

Sample Menu Items

  • Candy-sized English muffin slathered with salty pork fat
  • Soft-cooked smoked egg with caviar, sweet-potato vinegar, and a pile of crunchy, nickel-size potato chips
  • Cereal milk panna cotta

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