10 Signature Regional Recipes -- from the Rockies to the Deep South

Rocky Mountain Trout

Among the cool rivers and streams of the Rocky Mountains, trout fishing is a perennial favorite. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or rely on the local market to supply your catch, the aroma of fried trout cooked in the open air and seasoned with lots of pepper may be a minimalist's idea of culinary heaven.

Although trout is found in many areas of the United States, the scenic Rockies is where trout fishing is considered an almost religious experience. So grab your cast iron skillet, a little cornmeal and a mountain man's appetite, and prepare this traditional dish. You can simply fry the whole fish or add a few inspired embellishments, like almonds, pine nuts or crab. Trout is mild and flaky, but not plump, so it cooks quickly and will reflect companion flavors well. If frying just isn't your thing, try baking it instead. These recipes will get you started:

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