10 Signature Regional Recipes -- from the Rockies to the Deep South

Country Grits

For basic sustenance and as an homage to the rib-sticking foods of America's past, you can't beat grits. Grits are made from ground, dried corn that has the texture of sand. They're prepared like oatmeal, by boiling, and are a classic Southern breakfast food that's also served as a side dish in some locations, often flavored with cheese, butter or other ingredients. They have a mild flavor, store well and are easy to prepare.

The word grits probably comes from the Middle English word grytte, meaning "coarsely ground." If you want to give this dish a try, choose a recipe that incorporates some of your favorite ingredients into the mix. The recipes below have grits as a base but add lots of strong flavors to enliven the unique texture of this important Southern fare.

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